Posting only possible in Periods 2021/06 and 2015/04 | How to Open Posting Period In SAP

Error: Posting is Only Possible in Periods

Posting only possible in periods in company code
Posting only possible in periods in the company code
Posting only possible in periods 2021/06 and 2015/04 in company code 1000
Message No. M7053
The posting date entered is not within one of the permitted posting periods (current period/previous period).
This can be due to one of two reasons:
•	The correct current period has not been set in the system.
For the system, the first of the entered periods is the current period. At the beginning of a new period, your systems administrator must change the current period in the material master record, using the function "Shift periods". This has not yet been done.
•	You have entered a wrong date in the field "Posting date".
Check the posting date and correct it if necessary. If your input is correct, inform your systems administrator that the "period shifting" (period-end closing) process has not yet been completed

While doing any goods movement such as PGI and MIGO etc, we encountered errors like “Posting only possible in periods and Company Code”.

Such type of error indicates Material Posting period has not been open for the current month.

How to Open Posting Period

T.Code:- MMPV

How to Open posting Period | MMPV

In our case error is “Posting only possible in periods 2021/06 and 2015/04 in company code 1000

  • Input Required Details
    • Company Code = 1000
    • Period = 07 (getting error 06 which needs to be closed and open 07)
    • Year = 2021
    • Check and Close Period Radio button.
  • Click on the “Execute/F8” button.
3. Close Period for Material Master records MMPV

Now the system has closed the previous period 06 and opened 07 for the year 2021.

Other Technical Details

Reverse Posting/Allow posting to previous period T.Code:- MMRV

MMPV Table:- MARV – Material Control Record

MMPV Program name:- RMMMPERI

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