How To Find Delivery Document of Inter Company Sales in SAP SD using LIKP table.

Inter Company Sales In SAP SD

After the creation of the Delivery document for the inter-company sales process in SAP sd, we can find the respective delivery document using the LIKP table as in the below snapshot.

intercompany sales in sap sd. 
LIKP Intercompany Sales

Sales Org = LIKP-VKORG:- 2200

Ship to Party = LIKP-KUNNR:- 2500

Inter Company Billing Sales Org = LIKP-VKOIV:- 1000

Inter Company Billing  Dist Channel = LIKP-VTWIV:- 12

Inter Company Billing Division = LIKP-SPAIV:- 00

Billing Date of Inter Company Billing = LIKP FKDIV:- DD.MM.YYYY

Customer Inter Company Billing =LIKP-KUNIV:-22000

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