How to Change SAP Theme Setting in S4 Hana System?

 If you are newly using the S4 Hana system then a new theme and its standard toolbar are not comfortable to us initially. If you want to change the theme then please refer to the below steps. 

Step1:- Go to Option like below snapshot. 

SAP Theme Setting in S4 Hana System

From Standard Toolbar select More > SAP GUI Setting and Action > Option. 

Step2:-  Theme Field in SAP GUI Option.  

SAP Theme Setting in S4 Hana System

You will find the Theme at the top left corner from there select your suitable theme from the drop-down menu.   

Step3:- Change Theme to Trade Show.

SAP Theme Setting in S4 Hana System

    After select Tradeshow theme clicks on APPLY and then OK.      And Sign out from the system.   

Step4:- Relogin the SAP system and check whether the new theme applicable or not. 


  For details study please go to sap help portal:-

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