Find BP Grouping in SAP BP Master Data

 What is BP Grouping:-

As we know Business partner numbers may be external or internal, which is controlled through BP Groupings. When we create any Business Partner (BP), the system allows us to select any BP Grouping manually. But when we open BP master data in the change or display mode then BP Grouping could not visible in the initial screen as like create mode.  

SAP BP grouping in BP Master Data
SAP BP Create

Immediately after save of BP master data, the BP Grouping field got disappear because SAP is not allowing it to change. 

Requirement:- Why we require BP Grouping 

  1. Sometime user needs to create similar BP master data using same number range in that case they trying to search BP grouping. 
  2. Consultant trying to find BP Grouping to understand which number range key applied or analysis purpose during any issue investigation etc. 

How we can Find BP Groupings for any BP master data?

We can find BP grouping of BP master data two ways, one is from table level another is from BP master data itself.

  1. From Table BUT000
SAP BP Table BUT000


  1. BP Grouping in BP master Data, T.Code:- [BP]
SAP BP Grouping
SAP BP Grouping

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