How To Remove protection of Protected Variant In SAP

 Use of SAP Variant in Report:- 

Generally, we create a variant for the report which helps to save time for repetitive execution.​

And another use of  Variant is for a program that is used in background jobs.​

A user wants to ensure that created variant should not change by others, otherwise, it may impact output information of the report or program, that so why use protect the variant. 

Why it is required to remove the protection of protected variant SAP?

If there is any requirement to change the existing variant input parameter value but now the owner or user of that variant is not part of the organization then that variant can’t be changed manually due to the protection feature.​

Create Protected Variant:- 

How To Remove protection of Protected Variant In SAP

Variant Change by another user before removal of protection:- it is not allowing to change and throw the above error. 

Way of Remove protection:- 

In that case, we have to use this program RSVARENT through which we can remove the protection feature of any variant. ​

How To Remove protection of Protected Variant In SAP

    Provide the program name of the report and its variant. 


Now you can see protect variant check box has been removed. So that any user now can change its variant. 

For details, please go through the below video links. How to Disable the Protected Variant in SAP

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