Company In SAP

The company meaning from the business point of view is a Group of companies or Conglomerate companies—for example Tata Group, Hero Group, Reliance Industries, etc.

What is Company in SAP

  1. Group of Companies are called “company” in SAP.
  2. A company is an organizational unit in Accounting that represents a business organization according to the requirements of commercial law in a particular country.
  3. Tata Group
    • Tata Consultancy Service.
    • Tata Motor
    • Tata Steel
    • Titan
    • Tata Power
  4. Under one Company multiple subsidiary companies can be aligned these are called company codes in SAP.
  5. The company is responsible for consolidated Financial statements which are the combination of financial statements of subsidiary companies. example Tata Motor and Tata Steel etc, balance sheets combined and form Tata Group balance sheet.

Feature of Company in SAP

  1. The company is one of the organizational units in the enterprise structure.
  2. But Company creation in SAP is not mandatory or it is optional.
  3. Length of Characters: 6 Character Alpha-numeric Key.
  4. Relationship with Comp. Code: Many company codes can be assigned to a company.     

    Technical Information

    1. T.Code of Company:- [OX15]
    2. Path :- IMG > Enterprise Structure > Definition > Financial Accounting > Define Company
    3. Important data need to be maintained.
      • Name of Company
      • Address
      • Language
      • Currency
    4. Table of SAP Company:- T880

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