How to Find the Total Quantity or Total Value of any License using SAP GTS License Table.

If we have license numbers, then how we can search total or Max Quantity or Max Value of the respective licenses through the SAP GTS license table? 


 /SAPSLL/LCLIC is the Legal Control License Header table of the SAP GTS license table.

sap gts license table
/SAPSLL/LCLIC is Legal Control License Header table

/SAPSLL/LCLIC is Legal Control: License Header table its GUID field is GUID_LCLIC, which will be used to fetch total quantity information from table /SAPSLL/LCLICQ

/SAPSLL/LCLIC is Legal Control: License Header table

  Pass the License number into table  /SAPSLL/LCLIC -EXLIC

/SAPSLL/LCLIC is Legal Control: License Header table


 /SAPSLL/LCLICQ:- Legal Control: Licenses – Quantities

 /SAPSLL/LCLICQ:- Legal Control: Licenses - Quantities



    Pass the GUID of the License header table in the License Quantity table. 


    DIM stands for total quantity for license value. 

Similarly, if you are looking for Total Value for Value license master data then you have to use table /SAPSLL/LCLICV 


/SAPSLL/LCLICV-GUID_LCLIC = should be Header license guid

and get total value /SAPSLL/LCLICV-VALUE


    This Value license with Total or Max Value. 


    Pass the license number into the License header table 


    get GUID number of LCLIC


    Pass LIC GUID number into License Value table /SAPSLL/LCLICV-GUID_LCLIC


        you can get the max value from the field /SAPSLL/LCLICV-VALUE. 

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