What is the Difference between Inquiry and Quotation in SAP?

Inquiry and Quotation documents are presales documents. And these are optional for the sales cycle process. But both documents have some differences these are mentioned below.

  1. Purpose:
    1. An inquiry document is just information for the client about the product and its current price on behalf of businesses.
    2. The quotation is a legal agreement between business and client for a specific product, at a specific price for the stipulated time period.
  2. Legal enforcement:
    1. As Inquiry is just an informational document so the client can not take legal action on business.
    2. But in the case of Q 2wquotation, within that stipulated time period client can legally ask for the business to provide that specific product at the agreed price, if the business failed to provide an agreed price then the customer can take legal action against the business.
  3. Validity period
    1. Inquiry does not have any validatity period but quotation have it, after completion of the validity period, it called expired quotation, which can not be legally enforced.
  4. Completion
    1. Once the inquiry document gets referred in Quotation after that Inquiry status becomes “Complete”.
    2. Once all agreed quantities or Values of quotation are referred fully for subsequent order then that quotation status will be completed.
  5. Both Inquiry and Quotation documents are presales document.
  6. Both Inquiry and Quotation documents are optional in sales cycle process.
  7. Technical differences between Inquiry and Quotation in SAP ?
Sales document typeINQT
SD Document CategoryA:- InquiryB:- Quotation
Transaction Group1:- Inquiry 2:- Quotation
Item CategoryAFNAGN
Schedule line CategoryATBN
Standard ReportVA15VA25

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