Multiple Ways To Start SAP Transaction

 We can access or start SAP transactions in multiple ways these are given below.  

1. Transaction Code (T.Code) in SAP Command field

An application must have one program that program assigned with one Transaction code. When we fill this T.code in the SAP command field it calls that program. 

SAP T.Code in Command bar

2. Execute from Program SE38

SE38 Execute program in SAP

provide program name and execute

SAP Sales Order VA01

3. Creating Favorites in SAP Easy Access

We can add any SAP transaction code in our favorites list, as when required we can double click on it to call that transaction which saves our time. 

SAP Favorites
SAP Favorites Add T.Code into Favorites list in sap
SAP Favorites

4. Menu Path in SAP Easy Access

we can access transactions by menu path in the SAP.

The menu path is two types, one is SAP Menu and another is User Menu. 

SAP Menu:- it will show all sap standard structures and their 

User Menu:- will show a structured user-specific menu for a list of authorized 

SAP Menu

access transaction by sap menu path in sap
SAP Menu

User Menu


Click on the user menu button in your toolbar so that system will show you only the User Menu structure list. 

5. Set Transaction for Initial Log. 

If any user uses any specific t.code as and when login into SAP then we have to adopt this method – Set Transaction for Initial Log. 

Menu Bar > Extras > Set Transaction for Initial Log

Set Transaction for Initial Log in SAP
Set Transaction for Initial Log in SAP

    Provide T.Code and do re-login, and the system will land you directly to that t.code screen. 

6. Creating an SAP Shortcut to Desktop

In SAP open required transactions for example VA01, from there click on the “Generate Shortcut” button so that system will generate a shortcut link on your desktop. Next time you don’t need to login but just double-click on the shortcut link of your local machine desktop which will land you on the respective transaction directly.

Creating an SAP Shortcut
Creating an SAP Shortcut

You can take the help of any of these methods to start SAP Transaction, if you know any other methods and want to share then please comment below so that we will add them to this article.  

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Multiple Ways To Start SAP Transaction | Different ways to start SAP Transaction 

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