Preview & Download SAP Invoice In PDF Format​

Requirement:- If any user requires a soft copy of any SAP invoice in PDF format, then the user can preview and download any invoice into PDF format in their local system and send it to the customer through the mail. 

Prerequisite:-Subject to  SAP system should have Adobe license.​ 

Once the user gets the print preview screen ( billing document -> Issue Output To -> Print preview.) type ” PDF! ” in the command bar, it will generate a PDF and save the document into your local system PC.​

Step1:- Open Invoice in Display mode [VF03]

VF03 Issue output

From the menu bar click on Billing document -> Issue Output To


Select your output type which is Printing in nature then click on the “Print Preview” button. 

Step2:- In the Command bar type “PDF!” of the print preview window.

Preview & Download SAP Invoice In PDF Format

Step3: Now click on the SAVE button to save this file in PDF format. 

Preview & Download SAP Invoice In PDF Format

  Once you click the SAVE button the system will ask you the path where to save a PDF file in your local system. 

For details, you can watch the video by clicking the below link. 

How to download invoice into PDF format

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  1. Hi, This is very useful T.Code

    Is there any option if user want to save multiple or number of invoices in PDF format and then send to customer

  2. Hi,
    Any solution on a problem I encountered, after keying PDF! then I tried to click save the screen becomes blank then nothing happened. No pop up to where to save etc.

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