How to Post Value to FI For Statistical Condition Type

General Behavior of Statistical Nature Condition Type

As you are all aware, any condition type that is not checked for the Statistical check box in the pricing procedure will add to the net value and post the value in FI. On the other hand, if it is checked, it will not post the value in FI and also it will not add to the net value in the sale order/billing.


Go to V/06, select that condition type, and execute. Under the Control data 2 section, select the check the box for “Accruals”.

In your Pricing Procedure, don’t check the box for “Statistical” against this condition type, have different Account Keys assigned at the last two columns. Finally, in VKOA, assign the required G/L Account for both the Account Keys.

Now try to create a sale order and billing and check the FI posting.

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