Find Transaction code and its respective program using SAP Table TSTC

  1. If we want to know technical details about any T.Code then we have to use T.Code SE93. 
sap table TSTC

The system will tell details for requested t.code its Package, Tex of T.code and Program and screen number, etc. 

  1. Maintain Transaction SE93 T.Code call standard program SAPLSEUK which updates standard table TSTC. 
  1. TSTC Table used to stores a list of Transaction codes and their program.
sap table TSTC
  1. TSTC table is very useful for a functional consultant to get standard and Customs t.code and its program. 

Because SE93 t.code authorization might not be provided to the functional consultant so we can check through the TSTC table. 

  1. TSTC table can be accessed by below 
    1. SE16
    2. SE16N
    3. SE11
    4. SE80

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